CIMC Open Top Trailers


Available Dimensions

45’ to 53' length, 102” width, 12' to 13’6” height


116 to 137 Cubic yards

Body Structure

Side Panel

High strength aluminum plate

Side Post

Extruded Aluminum hat-section post

Bottom Side Rail

Heavy duty extruded aluminum rail

Top Side Rail

Heavy duty extruded aluminum rail

Open Top


Roof Bows

Galvanized steel square tube reinforcement.

Floor Style

Floor Options Available per Trailer Application

Nose Panel

High strength aluminum plate full height as panel and liner.

Nose Frame

Galvanized Steel frame with hat-section posts inside produces strong structure.

Rear Frame

The sturdy rear frame is designed and fabricated of formed steel. Door opening protection system is installed for swing door and easy to operate. Galvanized finish.

Rear Door Style

Swing door

Rear Doors

Galvanized Steel composite panel. One hot dipped galvanized lock rod and five heavy duty extruded aluminum hinges per door are standard. Torx bolts andLock-bolts for anti-theft and strength.


Phillips moisture resistant and long life harness, 7-Way with spit pins.


Truck-Lite LED lights.


Alum pipe ladder located on nose

Underfarme & Suspension

Upper Coupler

Full-width high yield steel with AAR Kingpin 36 setting


4" deep high tensile steel 80ksi yield I-beams.

Landing Gear

Jost Heavy duty Two speeds support legs. RS crank handle, AAR rated. Hot dipped galvanized K-braces & skirt plates with formed surface & bolt-on pads for additional strength.

Rear Bumper

D.O.T. approved hot dipped galvanized rear bumper. The welded horizontal beam features a pre-punched anti-skid surface and recessed area for conspicuity tape, bolted on installed.


Spring Ride or Air Ride


Aluminum or Steel


Radial Tires


22,500 lbs. capacity, Tandem Axle or Tri Axle


16.5”x7” brakes

ABS System

2S-1M ABS. Non-swivel gladhands, mounted on RS nose


Open Top Tarp System

Solid Top

Multiple Door Options

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