TTC Hydraulic Lid Trailers

Transporting refuse in the United States is an ever-expanding industry. The majority of trailers built for this service are manufactured in the east with little consideration of weight and west coast regulations. The Trailer Company's line of Refuse Trailers are built specifically for the west coast hauler's needs and facilities they service. Lite weight, strong and custom-built to your needs. Increase your payload and profit with a trailer designed for the demands of the 21st century.

Hydraulic Load Containment Systems
  • Quality, Durable, Low Maintenance Adaptable, Fleet Proven, Safe, Affordable

Load Control
  • The Trailer Company builds a system that stands up to the demands of the waste industry.
  • Simple, rugged torque design powered by 2 high output hydraulic motors
  • Modular design makes for easy installation and repairs
  • Trailer can be ran on road with lid system open
  • Heavy duty poly netting keeps refuse in and is field repairable

Low Maintenance
  • No extra hydraulic lines required. Integrates existing trailer hydraulic system using standard hydraulic floor pressure and return hoses
  • 2 kits available - Square nose or Rounded nose
  • Standard kit fits most trailer designs. Tubular or steel top rails require adapter plates
  • Electric over hydraulic available for trailers with out hydraulics, for instance, tipper trailers
  • Safety factor for trailer increases to help prevent costly worker injuries
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